March 14, 2019

Did you know we do remodels? We just wrapped up this gorgeous monochromatic remodel for the sweetest family! In fact, they are a repeat client. I love it when you build relationships with clients and they come back for a new project. SO FUN! 

We took this kitchen remodel that was heavy with stained wood and iron fixtures to a more contemporary, monochromatic style. We di...

September 20, 2018

Clients often ask me where to put a little pizazz into their home. The half bath is the PERFECT place! You can use high end finishes and really let your personality shine without breaking the bank.  The small space in a half bath allows your dollar to stretch further. 

Every square inch gets an upgrade when I’m re-designing a half bath.  As in any space, you don't want c...

August 29, 2018

Nothing makes a home feel more comfortable and relaxing than floral arrangements. It brings color and life into a space.  Something about nature just calls to us and bringing a little nature inside feels... well... natural. 

However, I have a confession to make, I have a brown thumb. It's actually very close to a black thumb but every once in a while I manage to keep a plant...

August 8, 2018

Adding various textures to a space is like candy to me. I can't get enough of it! The different color tones and textures adds such visual appeal that it's hard to resist. Old Chicago Brick is one of my favorite elements to add into a space. It can go around fireplaces, as a backsplash in a kitchen, on the floor and as an accent wall behind a tub. The rich colors of the brick mixe...

July 26, 2018

Building big beautiful homes is fun, don't get me wrong. We have built some very large, exquisite homes for some very phenomenal clients. But I don't want you to think that small can't be fun too. Sometimes you are in a phase of life where you want to downsize, or maybe you just want to keep life simple so you can travel and explore the world. Whatever the case may be small can a...

July 11, 2018

I'm always a sucker for shiplap. It's got great texture, adds some depth and gives the room an overall warm feel. Shiplap has been made popular by the fabulous Joanna Gaines and her show (okay okay...her AND Chips show) Fixer Upper on HGTV. Ever since their show aired the popularity of shiplap skyrocketed and for good reason. It's great for design! 

Let me tell you a sec...

June 27, 2018

It's summer and the beach is calling my name. Those coastal waters feel amazing don't they? If you can't make it to the beach this summer, even in Tyler, Texas you can bring a little beach to you. 

We recently designed a gorgeous home for the most amazing client (all the praise hands!). He was a dream and allowed me to explore every avenue of design with him. It was SO. MUCH....

June 13, 2018

I have a confession to make. I'm just slightly obsessed with wallpaper. This is not your 1990's grandmas bathroom wallpaper. Wallpaper has come a LONG way over the years and I'm so excited that it is back in a BIG way! 

Wallpaper now is much easier to put on and take off which is a huge win in case you look up 10 years from now and decide to change things up a bit. Geometric shape...

June 6, 2018

Let's talk wow factor. There are few areas in the home you want to whisper "wow" when you walk in. Most notably, when you walk through the front door of your home and when you walk into the master suite. Today I'm going to focus in on the master suite because this is the area you retreat to. This is YOUR area. This is the area that's meant to be peaceful, relaxing and inviting. T...

June 3, 2018

I'm doing a special post today in honor of the Parade of Homes. Did you know the Parade started today? If you are a home design enthusiast this event is for you! 

Every year we are honored to design a large, "fully loaded" home with trending design features and innovated technology. This year we are so excited to bring you something a little different. We have developed a new subd...

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