Pantry Overload

Sometimes I think I'm the only one who's pantry is littered with empty boxes of crackers. However when I Marco Polo'd (yes...I just turned that into a verb) my friends to laugh over the less-then-a-serving-left in my bottle of syrup that I found in my pantry, I realized I'm not alone. We all have empty boxes, or almost empty boxes of food piled next to wrappers of long ago eaten Easter candy. So I decided to clear everything out and start over.

If you know me you know I'm just slightly (ok very) type A. So this pantry was driving me bananas! It was impossible to find anything! I literally pulled every item off of each shelf, checked expiration dates, consolidated boxes and bags, then replaced each item on a shelf with careful thought to how often I use the said item.

I'm very into aesthetics...even in my pantry. I knew when I opened the door I wanted to see something pretty. Or at least as pretty as a pantry can be. I organized my baking goods on the top shelf next to my cookbooks. I labeled my bins, because, you know, chalk markers make everything look cooler.

Then I put our most reached items eye level. With two boys I'm up to my ears in snacks so I dedicated a shelf just for them. You better believe I also put the cookies and candy up where they couldn't reach and was out of view.

When we built our house I had the electrician install a plug for my toaster so that it stays off the counter but I don't have to drag it out every day.

Finally I went through our 19,098,984 spices (or so it felt) and got rid of anything old, as spices tend to loose intensity over time. I also organized our medicine by putting adult medications at the top and out of reach then the children's medication on the next shelf (but still out of reach).

Overall it took John and me two hours...TWO HOURS of our life to sort through this pantry but I'm so glad we did it. Now let's cross our fingers that it stays this way. With a 5 year old and a 2 year old I'm kind of doubtful but a girl can dream can't she?

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