Disney World Recap

As you know we recently got back from our trip to Disney World. What a blast! (And a little crazy since we have three kids ages 5 and under). Now that I'm out from under the laundry pile I can give you a quick update and share some pictures.

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge which was incredible! They had fun African music playing along with nightly demonstrations where the kids could dance and beat on the drums. Animals also roamed the property my parents saw a giraffe outside of the lobby and we saw peacocks outside of my sisters balcony! My boys are obsessed with animals so that was a fun treat!

We stayed for 6 days and 5 nights and we wore ourselves out! However the joy on the kids faces when they met some of their favorite characters was worth it all. JD also had a blast riding some of the roller coasters and asked us to ride them over and over again. Hunter was over the moon when he met Buzz and ran right up for a high five. Caroline started kicking away when she met Winnie the Pooh and grabbed his face to pull him into hers...that alone will make any heart stop. We ended our trip with the Rivers of Light which included some amazing light and water displays with images of animals. It truly was magical!

We can't wait to go back but I'm thinking that next time we return we will be out of the stroller and diaper phase. Breaking down the double stroller each day was a big downer. I hear that the Disney Cruise line is a great option for families with little ones! We may check into that in a few years.

If you are thinking about planning a Disney vacation, check out my girl Bridgette! She planned our vacation and it was perfect. I can't recommend her enough!


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