A Touch of Pink

May 16, 2018

I refuse to believe that just because you have kids means you aren't able to have nice things.  My kids are little and two of my kids are boys.  My boys love to climb, hit, tackle, wrestle, jump and roar. I encourage them to do just that! Kids need to be kids! However, I also teach my kids to respect the things the good Lord has blessed us with.  That means we can rough house but we don't destroy our house. 


Therefore I have splurged on some key elements in my house.  Yes I have kids, and yes I have nice things.  


One of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house is my couch. It's an item I splurged on. I custom designed this couch with durable fabric (because you know...kids). I then decided to add some pops of color in my pillows to match the season.  If you come to my house in the fall, you will see orange and brown pillows with embroidered detail.  If you come at Christmas you will find red and green pillows with beaded Santa details.  The key is a standard sized pillow with interchangeable covers.  





All of my throw pillows come from Pottery Barn.  Simply because I'm slightly obsessed with PB and also because I go to their outlet store once a year in San Marcos and can get some steal of a deals on good quality pillow covers. Whether your style is classic PB or you have a rustic look or somewhere in-between, take the time and money to splurge on seasonal pillow covers.  You will be happy to bring a little bit of outside into your home each season. 


P.S. I custom designed this couch over at Grays with the fabulous Kay Fuller. She is AMAZING! She helped me design the couch as well as the long kidney pillow you see in the middle. Kay works with all budgets so when you are in the market for home decor go visit her! 

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