Offices Can Be Pretty Too

I recently posted some pictures of our office on social media. After the flood of questions I received it made me think (cue Winnie the Pooh tapping his head "think, think, think").

Our main focus is building beautiful homes, but you know, offices can be beautiful too. And I feel that offices SHOULD be beautiful too. When you spend hours of your day in a space that feels inviting, comfortable and fresh it creates a productive atmosphere. Not only do you appear professional to your clients but you also benefit from the organization and structure that a good-looking office creates.

You don't have to be in a creative profession to crave a creative space. Whether you are an accountant, doctor, teacher, esthetician, lawyer or anything in-between, your office space could and should feel inviting to you and your clientele.

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of creating your desired space, or if you simply lack the funds to do a complete overhaul, start small and simple. Latch on to whatever idea or space inspires you the most. I find that organizing my space first helps me to get a better idea of how to then beautify the space. Invest in some attractive organization bins/folders/boxes/shelves. If you want a fresh clean look check out the baskets over at Pottery Barn (you know I love some PB). If you don't like shopping online go visit World Market, they usually have some very chic storage ides at great prices. If you like bright and fun colors I recently found some great baskets and bins at...drum roll please...the Dollar Tree!

You don't have to spend a fortune to create an appealing space. In fact, I normally invest in a few key, high quality pieces then I fill in the remainder of my space with bargain items. The quality of those few high end pieces help the more "budget friendly" items feel like they originate from a different genre.

Go ahead, jump on pinterest or houzz to get some inspirations. Start brainstorming now and remember to enjoy the process. Slow down if you start feeling overwhelmed, this should be fun! Put the brakes on immediately if it feels anything but fun. And if you do find yourself wanting to design an entire office space, give us a call. We also build commercial properties and would love to help! (wink, wink).

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