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The Wow Factor

Let's talk wow factor. There are few areas in the home you want to whisper "wow" when you walk in. Most notably, when you walk through the front door of your home and when you walk into the master suite. Today I'm going to focus in on the master suite because this is the area you retreat to. This is YOUR area. This is the area that's meant to be peaceful, relaxing and inviting. This area of the home reflects you in the most intimate of ways.

For some clients, walking into the bathroom is where they want that wow factor. A beautiful tub with a hanging chandelier like the picture above may be the elegance you want in this space. I can just picture a bubble bath with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other can't you? Or perhaps you'd rather open up your bedroom door and feel like you could jump in bed or recline on a sofa and rest for hours like the photo below. Whatever the case, it's important to make your space feel like yours.

The biggest part of the wow factor is making sure the space reflects you. Your personal style is truly what creates that wow. Instead of elegant, perhaps your taste is more on the farmhouse side with shiplap and fun writing on the wall. Maybe you have more modern taste and prefer straight lines and clean crisp color pallets. In any case, the wow truly boils down to design that reflects you. You can create any wow factor by honing in on the unique qualities and style you possess. Just make sure you find an area of your home where you can express those qualities and bring out your personality through your design. You need a space that reflects you and one that will truly make you whisper "wow" as you open the door.

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