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The Beach is Calling

It's summer and the beach is calling my name. Those coastal waters feel amazing don't they? If you can't make it to the beach this summer, even in Tyler, Texas you can bring a little beach to you.

We recently designed a gorgeous home for the most amazing client (all the praise hands!). He was a dream and allowed me to explore every avenue of design with him. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. This particular client has a pool and a small detached guest suite adjacent. He wanted something coastal for this space so to the coast we went!

Ever heard of shiplap? Every wall in the guest suite was hung with shiplap. We brought in the most amazing coastal blues in each decorating aspect. The rugs, the chair, the bed frame each made you close your eyes and smell the salty air. The attached bathroom felt no different. We used a marvelous mosaic glass tile in the shower from the ceiling down to the floor in every shade of blue you can imagine. (Hello wow factor! <- see my post on wow factors here). The room was made complete with a sea shell lined mirror. dream of the coast...and arrive there every day! What fun!

I have mentioned her before and you will probably hear me mention her again but my friend and amazing designer Kay Fuller over at Grays Home Fashion Gallery provided all the furnishings and decorations. If you are ever in need of home decor help please go see her! I can't brag on her enough. She truly made this room come together and added all those fun coastal elements to this space.

If you are dreaming of the coast, come take me with you! It's my favorite place to be.

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