Let's Talk Shiplap

I'm always a sucker for shiplap. It's got great texture, adds some depth and gives the room an overall warm feel. Shiplap has been made popular by the fabulous Joanna Gaines and her show (okay okay...her AND Chips show) Fixer Upper on HGTV. Ever since their show aired the popularity of shiplap skyrocketed and for good reason. It's great for design!

Let me tell you a secret, shiplap isn't just for farmhouses. While this is the popular design element to incorporate in the farmhouse style, shiplap can be used in several settings. Most notably coastal designs is a prime candidate for white shiplap. I talk about the fun coastal design in my previous blogpost here. I'll wait a minute and let you read that post and then jump back into this one when you're done.

Shiplap is a great way to add some texture to any room with any style. A clean contemporary room can be complimented with a dark painted shiplap. Typically shiplap is painted white but I've shaken things up a time or two and painted shiplap a dark color like the gray you see in the bedroom picture below left. The color adds some warmth to the room while the shiplap itself adds some texture. The dark shiplap creates a unique statement on the wall even in this contemprary design.

Have I ever mentioned that I met Chip and Joanna? John and I attend the Texas Association of Builders Sunbelt Show every year. A few years ago Chip and Joanna were the guest speakers and I was looking forward to listening to them live. John was playing in the washer tournament the night before and low and behold guess who was playing right next to him?! Chip Gaines! Naturally I took that opportunity to grab a quick picture with them. True to their HGTV show, Joanna was quiet and reserved while Chip was the life of the party! He even participated in the dunking booth! What an honor it was to have them as guest speakers and to hang out and socialize with other builders around the state. Our industry is a true community and I love how we support each other and cheer one another on in their successes.

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