Half Baths

Clients often ask me where to put a little pizazz into their home. The half bath is the PERFECT place! You can use high end finishes and really let your personality shine without breaking the bank. The small space in a half bath allows your dollar to stretch further.

Every square inch gets an upgrade when I’m re-designing a half bath. As in any space, you don't want competing features drawing your eyes away when you walk in so choose one centerpiece and let the rest of your selections compliment it. To dress up the walls, add a splash of color or pick a fun wallpaper. Wallpaper that adds a good textured element is my favorite right now. If mirrors are your jam, then look for a statement piece that is both bold and beautiful. You want the mirror to be a substantial size if it's your centerpiece so as with everything in Texas, go big or go home on this one. Plumbing fixtures now come in all shapes and sizes. A beautiful vessel sink with a faucet flowing from the wall is unique and eye catching. If space is an issue in your half bath, choose a pedestal sink. This will open up the space and give the illusion of a larger room. You can get away with almost anything when it comes to flooring in a half bath. The small space allows busy tiles to shine and not feel overwhelming or you can opt for a simple tile in a fun herringbone pattern. Lighting in a half bath can be placed over the mirror, on the side of the wall, or on the ceiling with a hanging pendant or a flush mount. Really anything goes in the half bath as long as the size is right and doesn't overpower the space. So keep an eye on dimensions when shopping for lights.

Your half bath is a place where guests frequent so why not dress it up? Stay true to your personality and have fun with this space! You can do a lot with very little on this one.

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