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I was recently talking a friend and just threw out an architecture term where she proceeded to look at me with a blank stare. Isn't porte-cochére a common term? No? Anyway, I now realize that there are many terms in our little construction world that may actually be not so common to other people who don't live and breathe this stuff. Maybe it's just me and my nerdy side coming out but I thought someone out there, somewhere, would like to hear some common terminology with definitions explained in laymen's term. So here is my attempt at explaining common terms we use in the office. If there is a construction term you are curious about, ask! I'd love to hear your feedback on this one.

1) Board and Batten: I LOVE board and batten. It's at the top of my list of siding to use. It can go both inside or outside on a home. Board and batten is siding that alternates between a large board and a smaller more narrow board. Often you will find board and batten in craftsman styled homes or farmhouse designs but honestly it can be used in most design applications.

2) Transom: It's surprising to me how many people are unfamiliar with this term. Transom is simply the cute little window above a door or larger window. Usually you find these at the entry of the home but honestly you can find them anywhere. In older, remodeled homes I have even seen them placed above a walkway where a door once existed.

3) Fixtures: When I refer to fixtures I'm typically talking about anything attached to the wall or installed inside the home. This includes lighting, plumbing, etc. My job in our little family business is to make your home beautiful and ensure that it flows flawlessly with your vision. John's job is to construct that living vision and turn it into a reality. All of the pretty things I work with are typically fixtures. Any lighting appointments we attend, we are picking out fixtures. The same concept applies with plumbing. Fixtures are the center point of design and it's where I live and breathe.

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